Sunday, June 13, 2010


wouldn't you know it, it was a beautiful weekend in SF and i was out of town. we had a rainy may, so any weekend that is in the 80's is golden. well, i can't complain because i am home and still enjoying this beautiful city with its crystal blue sky and light warm breeze.

anyway, back to the weekend. did you know there were lavender fields in northern california? well, i didn't either until my friend laura pointed this out last year. we actually had a trip planned last year, but i had a last minute business trip to asia, which threw off the whole trip. boo!

the challenge for me is the busy summer and the fields are only open for 6 weeks. we have had this trip on the docket for a year now and we finally made it this weekend.
let's just say it was stunning, as the backdrop is the glorious mount shasta. these pictures do not due justice to the majestic, in person experience.

unfortunately, this year has been a wet season and the lavender (french and english) is about one week behind in bloom. as you can see, the buds were just ready to begin their transformation.......soooooo close...shoot!! it was still breathtaking, but there is already a planned trip for next year to ensure we see this in full bloom.

we also found a great little 1930's mountain lodge in the town of mount shasta for our overnight stay. charming, with the antler anchor to the main lodge.

hope your weekend was a magical as mine.


red ticking said...

i have been waiting all evening for this post... so glad it was wonderful... i knew it would be. you deserve a restful one dear friend... xoxo

24 Corners said...

Ahhhh...beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I can feel the sun and smell the almost blooming lavender...really!
Shasta is lovely and they designed that little lodge just for you way back in the 30's didn't they, antlers & all!
Glad you had such a wonderful, long awaited, time. xo J

Ivy Lane said...

Glad you had a wonderful time! The photos are beautiful. The lodge looks to be so quaint and cozy!

Happy Monday! and to a great week ahead...

brock street said...

hey all-
it was a treat of a weekend, just enough to get me through another week at work :)

Laura said...

more beautiful than words can was really hard to take my eyes of that mountain....except to check quickly for the hidden aliens - LOL!