Tuesday, June 22, 2010

fast and furious

summer is here and as we all know the cherries are abundant and at every street corner. i had to photograph them and include them in my 2 day red theme.

the second photo is business card from my new favorite sunday brunch spot. the place i had buttermilk pancakes & fried chicken smothered in maple syrup a month ago. had to stop in this last weekend too.

now to the interesting "fast and furious" title. we looked at a cabin in sonoma last saturday....then went up again on sunday to confirm the first impression...then signed the offer last night.....now we are waiting.

i knew it could be great when we got off the freeway 40 minutes outside of san francisco and we were surrounding by country, country and more wine country. then we turned off that road and continued for 7 miles of winding country roads surrounded by vineyards, a lama farm, pastures and just before the cabin a zen retreat with monk's walking the property overlooking the wine country. it was like i was already on vacation and i was still in the car.

one more time...fingers crossed. no photo's of property, but will post if it happens. it is REALLY rustic and not totally charming...but potential out the ying yang.


Laura said...

keep shocking us, brock street!

Keep us posted on the favored abode with rustic charm....sounds just like a winner!

A Perfect Gray said...

fingers crossed for you....

24 Corners said...

Red is the perfect pick for a leap into the world of color! Love the diner card!

Best on your offer!!! Sounds like the place needs you to charmify it's rusticity, which in your capable hands, will be a piece of cherry cake! xo J~

Ivy Lane said...

crossing "everything" for ya!!!! This time has GOT to be it! Candle will be lit when I get home! :)

Sara said...

potential! Yay! Creativity.Joy.
I hope if it's right, that it's right!

brock street said...

thanks for the crossed fingers, lit candles (mine's lit too) and positive thinking.
we rcvd a counter offer today, will sleep on it and counter the counter.
whoopie...it just might be the right time.