Friday, June 11, 2010

from farm to flat

i found this little table/stool recently at my one of my favorite french importers warehouse. her container got wet on the ocean and everything came in covered in mold and it was a bit groady to say the least.

i wish i had a before and after of this one, but after lots of sanding, fresh air, and lots of sunshine this great little piece is perched in its new SF flat (for now anyway).

the details on this old log are really, really rough and the legs are not even and it leans a little to the left...which ultimately means....we are a match made in heaven.

the best news is there is a little sister, totally the same kind of primitive cut legs, but a tad smaller and way more sun drenched and weathered.

have a great weekend. i am off to mount shasta with my crew to take in the lavendar fields. they have a very limited season...and it is now.


A Perfect Gray said...

geez, fella, I love your style. imperfections = my matches made in heaven, too. not everyone gets that kinda stuff, you know...

when I had cherry wood countertops installed in my kitchen, everyone said, 'won't they stain/wear/show age...?'


red ticking said...

wish we could meet you there... have a lovely time..xo

love the piece... the more rough and tumbled... the better!

24 Corners said...

Your little stool/table has found the perfect home where it will be loved, cared for and appreciated...and most of all, used!
(I haven't heard the term "groady" since I was a beach bum in Cal., cracked me up!)

Have a wonderful time at the lavender fields! I dream about going to ours every year, there are lavender fields and festivals galore in July...but I'm always knee deep in work (summer camps)!

Maybe you could share some pics... :) xo J~

Ivy Lane said...

love it! I am in need of a small, interesting table for my african violets to rest in the window.... this would be the perfect "mis-match" in my room! You have such great style... and thank you for keeping that candle lit... just a little longer please.....??... he's still in the hospital....having a hard time dealing with all the news... we are trying to keep him busy, and help him to be strong....

ohhh....lavendar fields?... sounds divine... hope you take a few pics to share... Enjoy!

Hugs to you friend!

Laura said...

these tables are adorable and have a great history.

But, I must ask - isn't it way past time for more b-mo?