Thursday, July 1, 2010

bunking up

hi all! sorry for the long empty spell. i was in idaho for my dad's 70th for a 4 day weekend and then driving back and forth to the country for the inspections for the new and hopeful property and then just dealing with life.

i have been scouring photo's for idea's for the little cottage and found this one and the light bulb went on...first little room gets built in bunk beds. it is the original screen in porch that is only 6.5' wide and 11.8' long, but needs to be a practical sleeping room. just a thought and i will try and reign in my dreaming until the key's are in my hands.

photo found on my scandinavian retreat. in deep like with her blog.


Laura said...

Dream on! It is definitely part of the process in purchasing a home. You really have to "see" yourself there...

Love the idea of bunk beds in that small space - so cozy!

Safe travels, friend!

Laura said...

dream on! that is definitely part of the process -- you have to "see" yourself there..

love the idea of a bunk bed in that reclaimed porch - so cozy!

safe travels, my friend!

24 Corners said...

Welcome back B! Happy 70th to your dad too!

Please...dream away, that's the fun part of it all...I dreamt away for years and'll really know what you love that way.

Loved the blog...that's a great dream road to head down. Her cottage is very cool, so creative and different, and bunk beds on a screened porch (!!!) doesn't get any better than that!

Best on all the pre-purchasing the property stuff...xo J~

Dennice {Fringe} said...

egads, i love that fresh, crisp whiteness. and the red cross makes the whole space absolutely perfect! it makes me want to sign up for summer camp :)

oh, what fun you'll have planning your new property design! with all of your immense talent, it really will be like a dream come true.

much love!

Laura said...

OMG! I have TWO comments - I guess I stuttered! LOL....

red ticking said...

love love love... your dream is becoming reality...xo