Tuesday, July 27, 2010

and this is 2010

and for this i am proud to be an american. these photo's were taken this summer in NYC. i'm sure you have all seen them already on the sartorialist, but i have to post them to mark them and keep them in my file.

these photo's also reminds me that i want to live in nyc again one day. i love nyc for keeping the american spirit alive in the good old fashioned way....to celebrate life together. to dance with strangers and to practice hard.

nyc has always had something for everyone. these beautiful people recently gathered on governor island for the jazz age dance party. i remember seeing last years photo's and loving them and now this years seem even more reminiscent of my grandparents photo's. DELUX in deed.

photo's found on the sartorialist.


Unknown said...

I saw these the other day . . . and the top one is my favorite - absolutely love it . . . such true happiness and love for life!! Thank you for sharing it all again!! :) liz

brock street said...

hi liz!
the top one is my favorite too. this guy looks like he is bursting with happiness..it is contagious.
hope this finds you well.

Laura said...

I LOVE IT! It's so Great Gatsby...is Robert Redford anywhere around?

copelvick said...

Dandy!!! I love the Dandy! I wish I could dress like this every day and be comfortable.