Monday, September 12, 2011

i promise...

.....i am still not stuck out east after irene. the playing catch up to being out of the office for a week is insane and i often question if it is worth it. no, i know it is worth it....i'm just being a bit dramatic.

anyway, we did our annual stop at my favorite sag harbor retailer, bloom. she know's how to curate a store like no ones business. i am talking spare in all the right ways. talk about cleansing...well, you must visit to see for yourself.

these are a few photo's taken from the phone, so the clarity is a bit to be desired, but the inspiration is shining bright.

ps...can someone layer on a bit more beach charm to go with the rope door handle.


24 Corners said...

Looks like a place you could just plop right down and stay a while...maybe Bloom might want to consider B&B-ing it too!
xo J~

(btw- remembering a lovely trip is always a great way to take deep breaths during re-entry chaos!)

brock street said...

hey 24,
thanks for the re-entry pointer. done and done.
you would love this shop. it is sparse but full of great product to look at. a mix of old, new and re-purposed.