Tuesday, August 9, 2011

details, details, details

it has been said many o times...sometimes by me...sometimes by mentors, that attention to detail is key, prime, mas importante (spelling)...you know what i mean.

this little primitive room proves that point in so many ways. the bedding, the lighting and that great little shelf/console/table make this room exactly what it was born to be.

we all know these walls are, or at least meant be, filled with stories of laughter and secrets. i can imagine throwing my backpack on the top bunk to hold the space and jamming out the door feeling like a million bucks and knowing there was fun to be had.

and all that emotion was racked up by the most primitive little room with the "just right" details.

ps..yes, i am still trying to figure out how i would be able to get in that top bunk..i do have long legs, but not that long.

image here


primjillie said...

What a darling bunk room! The first thing I thought too, was how would I get up there? It needs a sweet little primitive ladder.


A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful...a little get-away to that space would be great about now...

Comeca Jones said...

Its the sweetest!!

24 Corners said...

How fun! Love how the bunks are built in...so woodsy and cave like!
I think you're supposed to hop onto that little step stool and then effortlessly back-flip onto the top bunk...either that or b-mo's the lucky one and gets a boost up and you take the bottom one. ;)
xo J~

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Love it! Bunk beds aren't just for kids. They're for adults who love life. The walls are beautiful.

The only thing missed here is a little covered reading cubby, for the love of humanity! *wink*


red ticking said...

i have a old wooden ladder in storage perfect for the top bunk!

p.s. save this for the retirement file... we will do this! xx

brock street said...

primjillie - i agree...a primitive ladder we could hang blankets and towels on if needed.

donna - i agree. i just seems very quiet there...a place you dont have to think too much.

comeca - i think so too. i hope there is a fire pit or someplace where an open fire is available at nights too.

24 corners - you always bring that wink to the comments. ha, ha....i think b-mo might be doing that back flip from the stool to get that top bunk. little bugger.

dennice - that is what i am saying...bunks are for everyone and i agree...designated reading area is a must add on...minor change..bit result :)

pam...yes...total retirement file. can't wait for that day.