Tuesday, January 31, 2012

reading room

this has to be the best window seat around. can you imagine? all those great books surrounding the window, that great old window itself, a space that seems to have limited foot traffic and that breeze that i know comes and goes all summer long.

the rustic feeling is so apropos for the current climate of our culture. the little luxuries of life that have been bi-passed for decades, due to our need to build bigger and better. we seem to have lost touch with priorities. i am trying to keep this personal and not political...i just continually find myself longing for simpler times and this image evokes that.


primjillie said...

I love this! I would probably never leave.....


brock street said...

me either jill. i actually have a stack of books that are demanding some attention.


hey mate, Love this so much... I could sit there all day and just look out the window :)