Wednesday, November 26, 2008

purist at heart

simple, affordable table top magic. i'm a sucker for creating a dining experience with something other than a mixed bouquet of holiday themed flowers. not dissing anyone, but this is something i enjoy doing every dinner we host.
this is another great idea we all can do. i spent $5.00 on paper white bulbs ($1.00 each), $9.00 for candles (using 6 on the table, they are 2 for $3 at wallgreens), i took some gravel and poured it 1/2 up on each different container if found in the kitchen, then stuck in the bulb (try and really mix and match in the same color). For the candles i just wrapped twine around each candle and tied it in a knot to give it a personal touch. ok...this is sounding too get the point.


zannestar said...

ooh, lovely ideas. Pam was right, you've got a great blog! love it!

Kim Thompson said...

Awesome idea! This blog is great!