Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the floor

this mirror is officially misplaced, due to the constant "flea market finds" and weekly shifting of "stuff". i saw this mirror in the window of a local SF shop "gypsy honeymoon", but knew not to ask how much because i wasn't in the market for a gilded mirror AND didn't know how i would get it home. so, it was settled the timing was off, so i didn't ask. funny thing is, i kept walking by the shop and after several months (including visits inside the store) i decided to ask. well...lets just say i figured out a way to wedge it into the huge, old volvo trunk and made it home amongst the family of "shameful" finds. let's just say it was worth sacrificing 100 latte's for. honestly, it is quite difficult to find great french mirrors these days, especially ones that are not adorned with all kinds of bobbles, flowers, baskets and angels. i have to admit, i knew from the moment i saw this mirror i had to have it and i guess i was either a fool for buying it or really lucky with the time. the best part is the clip on lighting from the local hardware store...$7.50.

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Christine said...

Hi Brock Street,
I just found your lovely blog and plan on visiting again. I have a couple of mirrors (on the floor) and love this pairing of an industrial lamp on top of the mirror.
Have a beautiful day!