Saturday, November 22, 2008

bargain basic

in my opinion, one of the few investments you have to make to furnish your home is your sofa ('s). when i first move to SF from NYC i didn't have a sofa, so i found a great shop in Hayes Valley called Montauk. Great hard wood frames, down filled and deep (so you can sleep well if your kicked out of bed...kidding). The sofa i loved was a Huge investment, so i went home to think long and hard about it and do some measuring.
Well, my friend Pam (red ticking, seattle) went into the shop a bit later and i told her about the sofa i loved. when she was searching out the store she found a used one in the very back corner, same model, same linen cover and it was 1/2 the price. i put on my jet powered vans and flew down to Montauk to check it out. what had happened was, a customer purchased this sofa and once she put it in the room, she felt it was too big, so the store agreed to let her put it in the back of their store and try to sell it. It was still an investment at 1/2 off, but i would have paid full price and bellied up to buyers remorse for years to come......