Saturday, November 22, 2008

this better pass as color

see, i can do color too. i've heard some of you loud and clear. i have to re-state my personal position on color. ready.....i like color in my life, i need color in my life, but the amount of color needs to be in small doses, like this little french provincial seaside painting. e-bay find. this was my first live auction and i didn't know what i was doing and somehow got locked in and i won. well, i love it, but the price i paid made me believe it was MUCH bigger than 6.5" x 9". this is not one of my "bargain/affordable finds, but does represent for my color loving friends.

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Anonymous said...

I love my interiors spare, neutral, straw, touch of black, almost colorless. I get my color fix from the outdoors and nature - don't need it in my home!

Color inside makes me feel edgy, no color I feel serene.