Thursday, November 15, 2012

the ship came in

my favorite french antique importer in san francisco welcomed her largest container from france EVER.  all i can say is i was overwhelmed when i walked into the warehouse.  i have never seen so much STUFF..and most of it was still wrapped up in boxes.

she actually lets me dig by box.  i found a box full of enamelware and my heart started jumping out of my chest.  why you may ask, well...because she has the best prices ever and i can actually walk out with a box full of goodies for under 100.00.  they are covered in dirt and grime and in need of a little bit of tlc, warm wather and soap and a splash of hope.

here are a few goodies from my recent box of smalls. 


primjillie said...

I am extremely jealous of those gorgeous enamelware candlesticks! Lucky you! :-)


ARTPOP said...

White is right in the day and night. :)

Very pretty.

A Perfect Gray said...

happiest of thanksgivings, mr. b. street.


24 Corners said...

How lucky can you get?! Love your new treasures!

Happy Thanksgiving to all at Brock Street...xo J~

Ivy Lane said...

Very nice!