Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wintery weekend

we went to seattle last weekend and were embraced by blue skies in november, which go hand in hand with, some cold temperatures.  i is a sign of getting old...talking weather, but boy oh really was an awakening to how spoiled we are in northern california.

even though my bones were on the verge of splintering with the cold weather, our host was able to share their warmth and cozy abode, which made the chill all the more enjoyable.  and i have to say, they really know how to make the simple things elegant. 

there is nothing like a working fireplace in the pacific northwest.....brings back many memories of my 15 years living there.


I Dream Of said...

Hi Michael, I'm so glad we could offer you blue skies for your visit and not a deluge of rain! It' was wonderful to see you and I'm so glad you could be there to celebrate our beautiful friend! I'll let you know the next time I want go as Axl Rose for Halloween! Take care, Jeanne

Divine Theatre said...

That IS lovely. Wow!

It's already too cold in Chicago. Come on SPRING! LOL!


brock street said...

jeanne-so good seeing you and your amazing blue skies. such a great trip and amazing to be able to join the celebration.
yes, axl is always around these days. just a phone call away.

brock street said...

hi andie,

something is wrong with me..i think i am getting old and the cold does not agree with me. maybe the NYC winters put me over the edge :)

wouldnt mind being stuck in chicago in the cold though...amazing city.

A Perfect Gray said...


one day....