Wednesday, November 17, 2010

unfortunate reality

i have been a bad, bad blogger and admitting it to myself and then others is the first step....right? unfortunately life has its agenda and sometimes it trumps ours. i'm going with the flow, but wanted to call it like it is and tell myself and you that my early new years resolution is to get connected again to, what seems to be, one of my only creative outlets/therapy.

i took this photo last week after this load of clean laundry sat in this same spot for 5 days, in THE KITCHEN. that says it all..everything in life seems to be falling behind. at least it was a load of lights and not so bad to look at.

happy hump day to you....may the rest of the week be a downhill joyride.


24 Corners said...

It's okay Brock...I think a lot of us are in the same boat. You have so much on your plate right now and I actually think you do pretty darn good in the posting department...remodeling or building a home while still doing the rest of your life can be pretty time consuming, it's like having a whole nother full time job.
We look forward to whatever you can give us...whenever! And that's the nicest load of clean laundry I've ever seen btw! :)

I'm meeting Pammi this morning!!! :D So excited!
xo J~

Hood Canal Gal said...

I forgive you :)
Happy you're back!


Ps. Did I mention that I've been averaging about 1 post every couple weeks lately? Shameful!

brock street said...

J- so, how was our visit with pammi? i wish i were day we will make it happen.
you are at times can feel like a job and that is not what the purpose of this is...slow and steady going forward :)

megan - hey, i get the one post a week..i think you just might have some other "highlight" priorities in your life. wink.
like i said above, slow and steady.

red ticking said...

your pile is pretty... should i show you mine? xx

24 Corners said...

I had a wonderful and very special first meeting with Pam. She was as sweet and caring as could be and the Ticking was a dreamland, full of the very *best* kind of beautiful sensory overload (as you know). One day...!

24 Corners said...

Oh yeah...and I meant that remodeling or building a house is like a second job in the time can really consume every spare second outside of your regular doings...that's not a bad thing...just kind of a fact. Thank heavens a lot of it is fun stuff!