Sunday, November 28, 2010

how low can you go

so, a cold front has hit sf and the thanksgiving holiday was a record low, the lowest in 118 years during this time frame...low 40's.

i guess one could say i have acclimated since moving from nyc as this weather does feel really cold to me and i am already on the hunt for a new down winter coat. BUT once i recall the walk from the subway to my apt (15 minute walk) during the coldest winters of my life in nyc, i have to calm down and be thankful for the 40's.

wherever you are, i hope this finds you warm, with a full stomach (leftovers of course) and bundles to be thankful for.

another image from ETCETERA etc, by sibella court.


24 Corners said...

So funny! When *your* cold front was *our* cold front (our little gift to you, we had it early last week), it was in the low 20's and teens...and when it finally hit 40 this felt WARM (for two seconds)!! ;)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving B....xo J~

(love the image, poor book though...)

red ticking said...

sooo thankfulll...

and i am with our friend 24.. 40 is warm! he he


Prairie Gothic said...

All I can say is "love it", your blog, your style, your home, your taste and your little dog too!