Monday, December 6, 2010

holiday hints

this photo perfectly captures how engaged i have been with the holiday close to the action, but still a room away.

if you look closely you can see the reflection of the christmas tree in the mirror and the warm glow of the fire in the corner...but not in the room photographed. i want to be in the other room with the cheer.

i think the problem is, i am longing for a christmas tree. tradition is to get our tree the day after thanksgiving, but this year we were out of town and it just hasnt happened yet..and the lack of lights and fragrance of the tree is messing with my psyche :)

then a reminder...the season is not about the tree, the music, the parties, the busy....but rather about the spirit of giving and helping others. i will call it simple holiday hints for now. (i bought wrapping paper on the way home tonight..its a start)

self help by me.

image found on skona hem


Rachel Elizabeth said...

crystal and i stocked up on christmas goodies, get ready to go into tacky decor overload tomorrow!

brock street said...

rachel- you sure know how to turn up the volume and welcome the fun. can't wait.

24 Corners said...

Same boat B...way to go on the wrapping paper though! Hoping you get your tree and sparkle all set up very soon!
xo J~

brock street said...

hey 24-
lets set some goals...:)
hope you are well...

red ticking said...

watched charlie brown tonight... a tree is in order ... all i have is a wreath... but the ticking is decked ... wish you were here to see the sparkly fun... xx

24 Corners said...

Love the goal've inspired me. Christmas cards are first up...what's next for you??

And thanks, I'm doing well, just trying to wrap my head around a 'limbo' Christmas...the goals will help tremendously! xo

Leigha said...

How did I not know about your blog?!? I love everything - the images, the words, the sentiments, the humor, and the discovery of another tree-less soul longing for pine needles. Sigh.


Unknown said...

thought you'd like to know that your blog really calms me down. the photos are very serene for sure -- but somehow i think the calming effect is actually your voice. it's like a shot of chamomile to my psyche. haven't seen you around lately but maybe we can lunch in the new year?