Wednesday, December 22, 2010

better late than never

i am the guy who starts to welcome in the holiday's a month early...the day after turkey day i am digging in the basement storage area, looking for the christmas boxes as well as pounding the pavement for the perfect tree.

lets just say i am late this year. company coming in today and as of yesterday nothing was ready. i was sad to face the harsh reality of no christmas trees left (but this little guy), no wreaths ( so had to buy a candle center piece and trim it up a bit), BUT i was able to get some headway as of yesterday.

now, the reality is....none of this really matters as i consider everything that we have all been through this year..the highs and the lows. what DOES matter is our health, our friendships, our family and all the blessings, such as being employed and feeling loved.

a few shots of some of yesterdays accomplishments in our home. less is more.


24 Corners said...

Guess what...we have the same topper, except mine's red, so funny! Your little tree looks very pretty, Charlie Brown would be really pulled it all together beautifully, all so festive and so you...sometimes a little goes a very long way.

Have fun with your guests...
xo J~

A Perfect Gray said...

I adore your style. Every time I see those lamps of yours, I love them a little more. We also share a love of aged concrete planters, I see. I'd love to know about the portrait on the wall.

Thanks for a little peak into your place. Merry Christmas, my friend. Wishing you health and happiness in the coming new year.

love, donna

brock street said...

24 corners - that is great. is it from germany? i found this at a thrift store for $1.00. such a find.
the tree is growing on all of its 2.5 feet. hope your holidays are wonderful

donna- you make me blush. you are so kind. i will put your name on the lamps in my will :0).
yes, i love the concrete planters too...but they are so hard to find anymore, so i cherish them.

the portrait on the wall is from france. her name is myrtle...dont you love her hair...the portrait sitting on the floor is a bit spooky..her eyes follow me around wherever i go in the living room. she is from germany..found at auction many, many years ago. i hope the same for you in the new year. i also hope you are able to get through the season with hope during your time of loss.

bainbridge blues said...

This made us smile - it is pretty much that way around here too . . . And thank you for your lovely posts - simple and lovely and unusual. We wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful New Year!

24 Corners said...

Hi again B...our's isn't German sorry to say (is yours?)...I checked the box and it's from Mexico! I'm going to pretend it's from vintage & from Germany though! The sticker is still on the box and it cost $3.93about ten years ago, we both did pretty good! :)

Thank you for your friendship this past's been truly wonderful getting to know you. Your a very sweet soul with a very caring heart, and amazing taste & style to boot, the perfect combo!
Many blessings in the new year to you, your better half and of course Mr. B-mo...may 11' bring you the "Hillside" of your dreams!
xoxo J~

brock street said...

bainbridge blues-
no, you make me smile. i'm glad i am not alone in the tardy start, its all about having some heart and not a tree.
i hope this is a wonderful season for you and thank you for your kind words and thoughts. you made my christmas eve.

brock street said...

24 corners-
you are the best and have made this year more enjoyable. your wit, generosity and kindness have been a wink of sunshine in my life.
we always sit around and read your post several times as they are full of thought and life and humor....amazing.
thank you for your friendship too...your loyalty says it all.
cheers to your continued homing instinct and the hopes for hillside...if only i had 24 corners.
much affection to you.

24 Corners said...

So nice...I'm speechless...thank you. ♥

Merry Christmas...
xo J~

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Laura said...

Brock Street, you home is beautifully appointed with personally chosen items that reminds us all of past Christmases.

The little tree seemed bigger than life on the handsome table and was decorated with a loving touch...

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