Sunday, December 12, 2010

table time

a few holiday table top options, if you can stomach the horns. if you are disturbed by horns, you can buy resin everywhere now, see photo of three resin options. check out haus interior

photo's from a new blog favorite emma's designblogg


Laura said...

who doesn't love little Rudolph's antlers?

Losing them does not hurt and they grow back the following spring to attract those darling does!

Tell me....what female doesn't love a good set of sexy antlers?

Ivy Lane said...

hey.. you never visit me~~~ love this post.. love the "rudolph" tablescape!!!! can't deal with horns on the wall.. I don't know why..... i see the bucks in my backyard

I Dream Of said...

I think they look pretty paired with pine cones and vintage silver mercury glass! Merry Monday - Jeanne

red ticking said...

love the "real deal"...
sorry i didnt call... been really sick. raincheck? xo

24 Corners said...

Hi B...the antlers in the first picture are pretty neat, they kind of look like actual deer, in a modernist kind of way...and I especially love the second picture, I think that sweet little guy and my sparlky little guy ('Wink' is his new name) would get along perfectly (the wall mounted ones...not so much a fan...but I get it!).

Guess what...we got a tree! Found our ornaments and just went for it! Hope you have your "greenery" all cozied up in your home too!
xo J~

(still working the goals...) ;)