Friday, December 24, 2010

peace to you

merry christmas..happy holidays from hillside.

we were organizing and cleaning a bit today at the cabin. it is starting to look like a steps. it will all change very soon, but i wanted to unpack a few boxes and try a few things out.

tomorrow holds dinner for 9 in the city and then out to hillside with our out of town friend sarah...she will christen hillside as our first overnight guest. the good news is she doesn't mind that there is no electricity in the bathroom, we have no real kitchen, only one room has been painted, but there is enough love to fill the we will be good.

the photo above is my usual hodge podge of finds that made the cut for hillside :). from $250.00 french countryside cabinet (steal) to $1.99 prayer candle, all of equal importance.


24 Corners said...

Oh my goodness...that photo is Selby ready! It's'd never know there was still a slight jumble surrounding it (kind of like 24C!).

Have a wonderful sounds like fun, congrats to Sarah for being the first o.n....she's a trooper!
xo J~

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I could so use some Peace at this time in my Life thanks so much.The Cabin is starting to feel the Love.~Enjoy Kim

Laura said...

Ah! it so looks like YOU!...warm, comforting and peaceful...

the dinner was amazing! Lots of good food, friends (old and new) and laughter. Who could ask for more for the holidays?

Ivy Lane said...

Peace to you my friend... and you are right, with lots of love... how can one go wrong! Merry Christmas and Happy 2011...may it be filled with lots of love, good health and an abundance of joy!

Hood Canal Gal said...

Beautiful, warm and very "cool" at the same time:)Love it.


brock street said...

hi all!
thanks for all your kind comments. it is great to see some last. slow and steady...right?

white whisper- i hope this finds you with more peace in your life..and after a gentle and restful holiday. i plan on some horizontal peace missions this week (sleeping).

laura- it was beyond a treat to have you and yours over for dinner. it was all the right ways.

24 - selby i wish....but i will take your compliment and live like it is a selby home...there is hope.

ivy lane - cheers to abundance of joy...what an inspiration just writing that is.

hood canal - thank you. the journey is more fun than least up to this point :)

Uncle Beefy said...

Hope the holidays have been treating you well, Sir! Wishing you the very Happiest New Year! Keep up the great work! And, thank you for your support in 2010. :)

red ticking said...

love it and cannot wait to see it all this weekend... yippee skippie... xx

Nan Myers said...

peace to you too. i love your blog. you have enhanced my aesthetic.

kat said...

thanks for a wonderful new years...the place looks fantastic and feels so cozy! xx