Thursday, April 21, 2011

simple is, simple does

ok...i'm ready to grab my hammer and get going. this is a project right up my alley, at least that is the perception of this simplicity of the design.

this kind of design aesthetic and thought through layout beckons my youth and what i wish my summer camp accommodations would have been like. but hey, character building is what it is all about: sleeping bags, window's with no glass and bats is what being a kid is about. wouldn't trade it for the world.

back to the photo's. i am particularly drawn to the cabinet with the bench attached. i can imagine a heavy hemp linen, down cushion plopped down on the bench and a fluffy dog napping.

image from the hotel school in maastricht in the netherlands.

gus...i hope you see this post, its your next hillside project :)


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Love the dove grey.

Oh dear, the next thing you will be telling us is that there is really nothing better than an old canvas tent and a night spent under the stars. And somewhere alongside all of this, a cold shower!

Just as we were beginning to think that we might have something in common........

Happy Easter.

brock street said...

jane, you have me laughing out loud...a needed mid morning reprieve.
no canvas tents yet, but mabye a teepee on the hill :)
happy easter to you too.

24 Corners said...

This has Hillside written all over it! Love the black roller shades...those always tug at me. Do you think B-mo has enough fluff to nap on that bench or is another, fluffier friend on the horizon for that special purpose and spot? ;)
The Happiest of Easter weekend wishes to all of you!!
xo J~

kayce hughes said...

I love it.