Wednesday, April 6, 2011

john alden

somewhere in storage, in seattle, sits a box of silhouettes i had collected for at least years before i moved to nyc in 2002, but i have not seen them since i moved. i think i am ready to see them again soon.

i definitely do not need another one, as the inn is full.....but, i couldn't pass this one up. signed by john alden irving, 1956. so madmen as well as one of my best buddies names, alden and his dad (like a second dad to me) name is john alden. so, another $5 is nothing.

found this online. 3x4 inches and i am not going to change a thing. i didn't think i was going to like that frame, but in person it is a real keeper.

my fix has been fixed...


Divine Theatre said...

My favorite thing in the world is to lose an item or a box of items and look for them for hours and not find them.
No. I lied. I hate that.
I hope you find your box!


24 Corners said...

That's quite a treasure you found's so rare to see a 'modern' silhouette...I actually don't know if I have before, and the best part is that it has such a personal connection (in a unique way), it's wonderful!
I think Mr. Alden would love to meet his other new family members...and I'm sure they would love to be back home with you too...wonder what other secret treasures you have hidden in Seattle??
xo J~

A Perfect Gray said...

crazy for this dude. you have the best eye...donna

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Your silhouette is absolutely charming and its slightly battered frame makes it, in our view, all the more covetable. How wonderful to have a collection of them...can one really ever have too many?

We are so pleased to have found your most eclectic blog via '24 Corners'. We have signed up as Followers in order to keep in touch.

brock street said...

hey divine- you crack me up. i imagine it will be the very last box in the pile...that is just how it seems to go :). saving the best for last.

24- i know...sentimental gets me every time. i am curious about these old boxes of belongings. you know exactly what i am talking about as you have had some packed boxes for a while too. is just a reminder of what is really important in life as you forget about those boxes and hopefully engage in your daily life and people. those boxes are just things that evoke the memories.

perfect - just lucky once in a blue moon. oh...and the time i spend looking is insane.

hi jane and lance -thanks so much for checking out the blog. 24 corners has been here since what seems like the beginning...glad to know you found me via her.