Saturday, April 23, 2011

easter eats

i should be on a plane over the pacific ocean somewhere right now, heading to shanghai for work, but the last minute cancellation leaves me here at home over the easter holiday. not so the prep begins for a fast and furious easter dinner planning.

i just might walk down to tartine bakery and get a few sweet treats for post entree pallet cleansers. that is if there is anything left?

if you have not been to tartine in SF, then please call me on your next trip to SF and we will meet there. it will be my treat to you. my favorite bakery in the city, and vying for the spot of favorite bakery in the world.

for me, easter is always that time of year to embrace new hope, new beginnings and take in that gift of fresh air and spring fragrance. i hope this seasons is also a reminder of hope and a fresh start for you...oh and that there is some good food approaching.

images from the selby


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We were missing you already!! And now you're back, or rather have never gone. What joy.

Judging from today's images, we shall certainly take you up on a visit to that very delicious looking patisserie. In fact, might just go and book a flight on line right now.

Meanwhile, Easter is, as you say, a time of great hope. We trust that you will have a happy one.

Ivy Lane said...

Happy Easter Friend!

24 Corners said... goodness! You were meant to be home for the holiday....and hopefully, some Tartine delights, the website looks yummy! I just put my 'post entree pallet cleanser' in the oven (rhubarb pie) and I think I ate too much dough :p...oh well, I'll have less of the real thing tomorrow.
Here's to newness and freshness in all things...and have a wonderful last minute Easter feast, those are usually the best anyway, the creativity factor gets turned up to eleven!
Happy Easter!!!
xo J~

brock street said...

jane & lance-

yes, do come for a visit and do look me up. i stand by my word and we will meet at tartine. i go just to watch the look on peoples faces when they take their first bites.....
easter is such a special time of celebration with family and friends and lots of memories.

ivy lane - you too friend. hope it is spent with your family and new memories are created.

24 corners - um...rhubarb pie? that sounds like early summer celebrating to me. i love homemade, baked ANYTHING with rhubarb.
i hope your day is full of good food and fond memories.

Uncle Beefy said...

AH! Tartine! Yes, I know it well and it always makes my smile and swoon when I hear about it or see it. Thanks for the Monday smile, Sir! Hope you had a nice Easter weekend! :)

red ticking said...

i will go dine with you anytime... bring on the sandwich! xo