Friday, April 1, 2011

vitamin d

as i get older, i better understand the "weather" conversations. i used to chuckle when talking to my grandparents on our weekend and mid-week calls as the conversation with them would always lead to weather and food.

guess what....i have slowly introduced the topics into my conversations with my family and friends. i guess it really determines, in some cases, what is happening in our lives. if it is sunny...the majority of us are out and about and plans are plentiful...if it is cold, rainy and blustery..we are usually spending a bit more time indoors than hoped and there is probably a comment on what is in the oven or slow cooking for the weekend and indoor projects, which i welcome too.

i thought i would check on the weather of a few of my favorite cities (i do this several times a week) and here is what i found for sunday..our day of rest:

san francisco: sunny and 60 (today 75 :))
glen ellen (hillside): sunny and 67
nyc: sunny and 54 (take a walk in central park y'all)
seattle: am showers..but a peak of sunshine and 51
san diego: mostly cloudy and 63
boise: mostly sunny and 53
paris: rainy and 56
tulum: sunny and 86

image found on remodelista of a balcony in paris, france. enjoy your weekend.


Divine Theatre said...

Still a bit chilly here in Chicago!
Please come visit my post on my most recent shelter pet in need and enter my GIVEAWAY!


Ivy Lane said...

Sunny and crisp here! But allll good! Happy April 1st!

To new beginnings!

red ticking said...

pouring here this morning.... but thinking of a week from today ... where i will be... and i am happy.

24 Corners said...

Oh how I love having a 'peak' to look forward to...maybe they could stretch it into a glance!

Enjoy your sun...and your vitamin D, and thanks for the forcast!! :)
xo J~

Sara said...

the art of the mundane conversation is the path for my mother and I to connect as we age. I call her everyday, since last fall when she broke her heel. She is fine, but the phone call has changed our way of being with each other. We giggle about each ridiculous daily chore we share with each other. We enjoy the regularity of the changing weather.