Friday, April 1, 2011

naughty or nice

there are just certain things in life that urge opinionated people to express themselves. this fine lady is one of them.

i have heard: creepy, scary, so serious, matronly and the list goes on and on. for several years i kept her hidden behind other paintings, feeling bad that so many people had such strong reaction toward her. i mean, she was a living breathing woman.

well, her and i had a long talk and decided i would stay true to my "love at first sight" feelings and she was coming out of hiding.

our relationship has only blossomed and i find her to be very protective, kind, wise and a bit stylish if i do say so myself.

oh, we met in 2000 at a seattle auction house.


Divine Theatre said...

She has beautiful, kind eyes and the only lines on her face are laugh lines. She was loved. You can tell. In turn, you can also tell she was loving.
Someone loved her so much they hired an artist to render her image for future generations.
Hug her for me!


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love her light blue eyes, its like she is BMo from a previous life.

24 Corners said...

She reminds me of a victorian Aunt Bea...her beautiful, friendly eyes are delivering such a warm and elegant happy she's out of hiding and able to watch over things properly now.
Love to know her Seattle history...I bet it involved serving delicious coffee to her friends and family on a regular basis...don't you think?!
Love her!
xo J~

24 Corners said...

Hey B...where would you like me to send your *winnings*?
xo J~


red ticking said...

love her of course... she is one of the clan! xo

brock street said...

divine theatre- consider her hugged and definatly loved. i'm heading into the living room after i post this and share all the kind words with her.

rach- you might be onto something here...a guardian bmo of sorts.

24 corners- you know i have this fetish for aunt bee types. i do like the thought of her having some sort of conversion from tea to coffee..where better than seattle. i have to say...great coffee in sf is fewer and far between than i ever imagined.

ticking- you will have to greet her in person soon.

brock street said...

24..i left my addy last week on your personal account. will resend to make sure i sent to the right address. can't wait for the most generous gift.

A Perfect Gray said...

adore her. you're a man after my own heart...donna

for the love of a house said...

I absolutely adore her. Such soulful, wise eyes. Does she have a name?
We have a painting of an old woman that we found in France- we have named her "Aunt Minerva" (it was an unmarried aunt in a movie a saw in my 20's;)
I am so happy that you have decided (critics notwithstanding) to display her proudly, she deserves it!

Luke Hoy said...

First word I would have said:Stunning.


I'm a sucker for a good portrait, as I used to draw them!