Sunday, April 10, 2011

french find found mountain

i'm the one who goes to the french container sale and always walks away with a trunk full of small finds/odds and ends. the big purchases are few are far between, but that is just the way i like to roll.

this little red folding chair is now officially our first piece of indoor outdoor furniture. i bought this chair 3 years ago and it has mostly been in basement storage, but it finally made it out of the dark and into a spot in the sun and lived there all day on saturday. there were several of us vying for the spot in the sun and it served its purpose quite well. i wonder if the original owners ever imagined it this chair would make its way to the US and find a fixer upper project in the mountains. personally, i think a great location for used furniture retirement.

also, i found this old watering can at another french dealer in the city. i'm not generally into watering cans and have been known to buy the big plastic ones as they are quite practical and can hold quite a bit of water. well, this old french can is huge and can hold enough water for a small hot tub. ha.

hope your weekend was as magical as mine. :)


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We really do envy you the vintage red chair - wonderfully knocked back as our friend, Paula, would say! Galvanised items, watering cans included, are a must with us and make very good decorative items in informal settings.

red ticking said...

you are the best friend... i had the best seat in the house... xx

24 Corners said...

Love an old vintage red metal chair...especially one from France! It's going to be very happy at Hillside...couldn't have found a better home!
xo J~

coast said...

Simply stunning photos as always! Love the chair...the red is perfect! It is very lucky to have found you!!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

The word MAGICAL in underused and that is a shame. I feel like when we were little everything had a component of magic and as we get older we lose sight of that so I'm glad you had a magical weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your magical items in the upcoming etsy store!

brock street said...

if only i had an extra red chair to share with you all.

rachel- hang tight..more to come :)