Sunday, March 7, 2010

take a load off

this is totally my kind of bathroom sink. i am not one to bounce out of bed and hit the road running...but rather need coffee brought to me in bed and begin my slow 15 minute process of getting out of bed.

this idea of a stool by the sink is perfect for me. i can just sit down when i actually get to the bathroom and brush my teeth in comfort.

this idea of the table with marble and sink plunked on top is approachable and just right.

image found apartment therapy NYC.


Dennice {Fringe} said...

this is such an original and all around grand idea. i lurve those stools. i also really like the double faucet on what appears to be an extra long, undivided sink. very clever.

well, and of course, the splash of green. love it!


brock street said...

totally what i love too...i am just to lazy to give such accurate big "wins"
can you keep an eye out for one of this sinks for our favorite junk spot...;o)

Ivy Lane said...

Nature, Light, Comfort,Simplicity..


great post!

24 Corners said...

Welcome home! Your vacaton sounds like it did the job (love the crab claw by the way)!
I know this bathroom well, image-wise anyway. The firm is JAS Design Build here in Seattle and we actually consulted with them for our home (wonderful people). They have a great website, lots to look at. This bathroom is in "3 Blind Mice" & the same style is also in "Capitol Improvement". So cheery. Stay warm....

coast said...

Love this house as well. As Jessica mentioned it is by favorite design/build firm in Seattle. You must check out their kitchen as well. Fabulous yellow island and old stove. This is the owners' house.Simple, classic, fun, and cheery.Love this house!

coast said...

I also have to mention High Cowboy as well on JAS website. Absolutely love the bathroom with its sink. Oh, and the kitchen too! Would love a small second home with these features in the San Juans here! So cozy and again simple.

brock street said...

jessica and coast - thanks for your comments and direction to the local JAS design firm. i love this look.
i also love seattle. i called seattle home for 16 years and thought i would settle there.
then came nyc and now sf. i'm coming to you for more advise on firms.
thanks so much.