Sunday, March 14, 2010


vivid memories of maxine and bud and i heading to the donut shop after church. what a treat...i could pick any donuts i wanted. that was really tough for me as a kid and as an adult even more difficult.

that might have something to do with the incredible foodie donuts of sf. one of my favorite spots for a sunday morning brunch is dynamo donuts on 24th in the mission of sf (a few blocks from home).

today features: vanilla bean, maple bacon and of course the caramel sea salt. it really is brunch on a budget when you consider we have some bacon.


24 Corners said...

I think Anthony Bordain got addicted to those Maple Bacon numbers when in SF last...need to try one of those one day - just to say I did!

red ticking said...

memories.... love them.

Uncle Beefy said...

Okay, aside from the fact that you reside in SFO, you can color me in jealousy at the fact that you also live SO close to Dynamo!!! Lucky dog, you! :)