Tuesday, February 15, 2011

no faux

so, we used a composite paneling for the front room, and it looks great, but for the front hallway i really wanted to use some real wood. it also makes a difference that the faux wood is $19 a sheet vs. the $40 for the real stuff. you could say we are being really selective where to invest.

i had no idea how much materials were going to cost for this home project and i am constantly being challenged with budget creativity. part of my career is about negotiating, but let me tell you...you cannot negotiate at home depot. :) i have a feeling that further down the road you are going to see some re-purposed wood from some of our earlier demo projects.

this brings me to the front hallway. we finally got the paneling up (real wood). the finishing work schedule is still TBD, but we are still enjoying the progress.

the photo through the french doors is from the master bedroom. we decided to put the french doors in to bring in some natural light and last sunday morning when i was laying in bed i realized how much this was the right decision. big shout out to our friends larry and jim for the "free" french doors.


Catherine said...

Love stopping in to see the transformation! It's looking so beautiful - what great vision you have!

A Perfect Gray said...

ahhh, free is always good!

funny comment about 'no negotiating' at home depot. my husband was born negotiating. when we bought an appliance at a local sears store he tried to negotiate the price. the sales lady said, with a sideways glance, 'what do you think this is...a flea market???"

we've laughed at that ever since...

red ticking said...

lovely... and so is mr b-mo... xoxo

la mule du pape said...

très sympa ce blog!

Anonymous said...
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24 Corners said...

The wood natural wood paneling looks wonderful (is it a beadboard?)...especially through those french doors...such a brilliant idea to put them there.
Hillside's really coming together!
xo J~

coast said...

looks great! loving seeing the progress...i see you found a great place for the lamp. i love that lamp. there is one like it in one of the cabins at manca's. loved it, but it scared my pugs. hope it doesn't scare b-mo. :)

Ivy Lane said...

i love it! faux or no faux..Hillside is coming along nicely!!! and free french doors to boot! gotta love that!!! so happy for you!!!!

Happy Weekend!

Luna said...

Wow! So beautiful and peaceful. It is looking great. You certainly have a gift my friend. :)
~ Sue

Danielle M Rodger said...

Just found your blog and loving it. Thanks so much for sharing!! I can't wait to follow.


Joe said...

I'm a first time visitor, but love what I have seen of the blog so far.

In regards to your statement about negotiating prices at Home Depot, try it. At Lowe's they have a commercial sales desk and during our renovation we approached them with a list of everything in the store we would need for the job and asked if we could get a discount because we would be buying so much stuff.

They sent our list to someone at the corporate headquarters and in a few days we got our list back with some seriously marked down prices. We saved a couple of thousand dollars this way.

I'm sure HD could do something similar, especially if you tell them Lowes will do it.