Monday, February 7, 2011

free greens

one of the all time favorite gifts from our new property is the land. when you all come for your visit you will see what i mean. when you open the car door you are taken aback by the potent overwhelming (the good kind i hope) fragrance from the bay trees.

so herbal, so opens up your lungs and brings a bit of calm to the beaten down city dweller.

i did not know that bay leaves came from big tree's...i just assumed they were shrubs or small plants, but not...big, huge and seemingly invasive trees. these trees are scattered over the 3/4 acres along with many other indigenous trees i have not yet identified.

so, bring your shears and load up for cooking and the best kind of simple and no nonsense arrangements .

these little branches made it back to the city and are bringing a bit of the country to busy movement of the mission district.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

If they are such big trees why are bay leaves so expensive??? You must have to have an older tree to get the most flavorful leaves or something. I will do further research and get back to you.

In other news, send BMo my love.


Your neighbor Rachel

brock street said...

thanks rach. i will definitely be awaiting your findings.
bmo sends his love right back.

red ticking said...

ooohhh i can't wait... friday cannot come soon enough!

24 Corners said...

Hillside just keeps getting better and better...your own personal bay nursery, how delightful and they look fantastic in your pitcher! How nice that you can bring a bit of Hillside home with you.
xo j~