Thursday, February 10, 2011

to paint or not to paint

it is more common than not that when we get together with friends, the status of the cabin comes up...hence the conversation of what are you going to do with the walls and floors.

there can be a bit of vacillating as well as difference of opinions (depending on the day and mood), but the touchstone i always come back to is this...paint it all. the small, dark space nestled in the tree's is crying for more light. actually, begging in my opinion, but there goes that "cabin" feel.

as we all know, there are more grand and pressing issues (health, peace, hope,love) in all of our lives that override these trivial decisions, but if you have a moment to share your opinion, i promise to listen. :)

looking forward to the post and reveal of "the floors".

btw...this room is just what the doctor ordered: reclaimed, chipped, practical and you can feel the movement of light.

images hus&hem (fav)


kathi said...

Hi Michael I say don't paint, let it be a cabin. Bring in lightness and color with rugs and fabrics. You are so lucky to have a getaway from the city place.

Brooke said...

I think warm wooden floors suit a cabin, too - sorry! When I think of escaping to the country the last thing I would want to do is clean white floorboards. BTW - thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

Ivy Lane said...

mmmm.... can you paint some and leave some??? add color and texture with textiles and art..? maybe add a window for more light?

i wanna see those floors first! :)

Sara said...

1. Lots of comments online say NOT to go with black or white floors, but gray, if you must paint.
2. Cabins are various, not just woody or white.It's your cabin, a lovely shelter in the woods.
3. You seem to know your own aesthetic, and have just shown it to us.
4. In the B/W image of your couch, there is a nice wood wall with knots. Can you paint it without primer to let the knots show through?
I like Ivy's idea. Be selective. Let each part of the place speak to you.

24 Corners said...

Hi B...I've got some catching up to do with you! You obviously love the 'white' aesthetic but also love the cabin feel...I'd paint the walls white and leave the floors natural - *for now* can always paint the floors later (ha, easier said than done once moved in...I know)...but on the other hand, your dream of painted floors has been with you for ever and had always been your first "gut" which I've learned is always good to go with. The gray floor idea is a nice one too...
Hang in there...and - these *are* very important decisions...and don't tell yourself otherwise, home and hearth are food for the soul...especially souls that care about and appreciate them as such.
xoxo J~

brock street said...

thank you all for your comments...they are all considered and helpful in my constant inner debating when making these decisions.
gotta go with the gut :)