Thursday, February 3, 2011

loyal friends like craig

so, one confession i have to make is i really do not buy much of anything new (accept some clothes, shoes, mattresses, sheets, towels, you get the picture). character comes with age...i mean furniture of course.

it really comes from an appreciation of history as well as growing up in a very frugal home on a farm, which has instilled a value of simple and i think that comes from moments of not having much. BUT believe me, i made the most of what we did have and to me it was just right.

well, when craigslist showed up in my life almost a decade could say it was almost an out of body experience for me. instead of hitting up the flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales (which i still obsess over when i have time)...i could browse in the comfort of my own home.

which brings me to my most recent photo. the couch, an old hedredon...purchased several months ago for the cabin. owned by the same woman for over 50 years and you can tell it was very loved. when we went to pick it up, her daughter in law told us it was never re-upholstered and ann (the owner) took a nap on it every day. it is loaded with charm with its current pale blue velvet too :)

as you can see...the cabin is true to form in its hodge podge state of being. b-mo's crash pad in the hills.

had to convert to black and white as the lighting was bad and the lacquered pine walls really put a punch in the sepia tone. (hard on the eyes)


red ticking said...

i see b-mo!!!! and i love the new napping sofa... but you already knew that... xx

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I hear you CL is one of my all time favs as well.
Awesome score! Your cabin looks very cool I must say.You Rocked it~Cheers Kim

Lee said...

What a great couch - just perfect for your cabin. B-mo just knows it's got style!

A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful shot. a room full of aged pieces and charm. love that propped painting. great sofa - I can't get over how long it is. you really lucked up.

I'm not sure everyone understands our need/obsession for 'other peoples' things'. I choose them everytime over new. I'm hoping to pass the sentiment on to my son, 'buy vintage/antique furniture rather than new' and I'm hoping it'll stick...


Rachel Elizabeth said...

BMo is in velour heaven. I love the walls, and craigslist too. You and my mother would get along great except I don't know if she's ever bought anything new (it's probably where I get my love of consignment stores and ebay) but her motto is "Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without"

Miss you today

Unknown said...

Super find! I <3 Craigslist. Modern Sophisticate

Unknown said...

Super find! I <3 Craigslist. Modern Sophisticate

brock street said...

red ticking - yes, as usual..nothing is sacred with the dog...he rules the roost.

white whisper- cl is an addiction. the cabin is definitely a work in progress...thanks for your support.

lee- couch is perfect for the cabin. now need to have a slip cover and cushion covers we can wash :)

perfect gray- this sofa is soooo long, almost 9 feet. lets just say it took a longer than expected van to move.
there must be a gene for those of us who prefer the used and old, i'm hoping you son has it too...we all know at the end of the day it ain't going with us to the next world, but the memories evoked from your history with these "things" can sometimes keep us grounded.

rachel - when can i meet your mom? i know we would hit it off.

24 Corners said...

Love this's the epitomy of cozy with b-mo all nestled on your 'new' comfy couch. What a great find and what a great friend (Craig)!
The room looks amazing...
xo J~