Thursday, March 3, 2011

neat and wow shout out

shout out to StyleKouncil. my friend kat and her business partner kelly have taken san francisco by storm with their smashing new and practical approach to fashion for the masses...and some of san francisco's finest. and here are some of the current trends interpreted by these two masters...using their vintage finds and mixed with off the rack pieces. so proud of you both and continually inspired.

here is a little snippet from the article in 7x7 magazine. check out the full article here.

snippet: Kat Yeh and Kelly Sparks’ business cards are printed on old-fashioned garment tags and list a couple of curious services: closet curation and retail adventures. The fashion-industry vets, who met in 2002 while working at Levi’s (Yeh as a brand manager and Sparks as a designer), are bringing their personal-styling moxie to the masses by overhauling San Francisco closets one tattered, ill-fitting, and passé garment (think wide collar shirts and baggy jeans) at a time. They’ll preserve important personal style elements (your vintage Nirvana concert T—safe!), while updating entire wardrobes with iconic essentials tailored to each client’s taste.

last but not least...shout out to loops for his on set assistant stylist work..skilz baby, skilz.


Daryl at Vermont Cottage said...

What a fabulous idea. I actually blogged about them (and you) here:
in January. I sure wish we had similar services in New England!

A Perfect Gray said...

so fresh.

24 Corners said...

Adorable outfits...all of them! Congrats to the whole team!
xo J~

coast said...

Sooo exciting!!!! I knew from your first post on them that they would take SF (and the fashion world soon I bet) by storm! I love their fresh approach to fashion and their use of vintage...they are masters!

brock street said...

hi friends. i am beyond excited for them as i know the risk involved in going out on your day brock street hopes to be that brave. :)

StyleKouncil said...

@brock street: thank you so much levi! you are a true friend & we love the kudos:) we will work on Brock Street next!
@Daryl at Vermont Cottage: thank you for blogging about us...and who knows, we will be working on a virtual closet curation (per request from Minnesota) so it is in the works...stay tuned!