Friday, March 25, 2011

oh what a feeling

i can imagine the forging and gathering it took to find these special pieces in these rooms. a reminder of simple and effortless living (at least it looks that way to me).

i think i am going to head up to hillside, find some stumps & branches and make a table, sailboat, something...well, maybe not this weekend...but i will definitely think about it for spring.

images found on made a mano website. stunning tile in europe.


coast said...

Love that sailboat! There is such beauty in simplicity. Have a great weekend!

24 Corners said... won and you know (just saw your comment)! I'd been checking for a new post from you on and off because I didn't want to chat about your win on Liz's post...didn't feel right. I couldn't believe it was you...that was so perfect! And thanks for putting 24C on your special list...such a nice surprise, made my day. :)
Let me know where to send the cards, I'll get them out next week. My email is:

Have an absolutely fabulous weekend thinking about what kind of stump & branch art you're going to'll be fun to see what kind of masterpiece you come up with!
xoxo J~

brock street said...

coast- the older and wiser i get, the more i desire simple. less is more theory. have a great weekend.

24- i am totally thrilled that i won and feel like i won the lottery too. such treasured prints, i feel sooo lucky.
you have become such a special friend and i can't wait to meet up soon with pam. sometime late spring i hope. will keep you posted.

Divine Theatre said...

I once walked up a steep hill to find stones for my garden. I walked back down, not with stones, but with enough thorny branches to make a crown! I forgot about the stones but I had my pruner with me! and the thorns grabbed at my shirt...If you listen, nature will tell you what she wants to become!
I cannot wait to see your boat...or whatever you come down the hill with!
I am your newest follower thanks to 24c!


24 Corners said...

Really...late spring?? My cool would that be! Yes, please keep me posted...:)
xo J~

Nan Myers said...

the tile, the boat, the room are perfect. love your blog.

brock street said...

divine theatre-
thanks for your comments. that is a great story...nature is magical magical that way, we just have to learn to listen.
glad you found the i need to check out yours :)

24 corners- yes, late spring. we have to make a meeting of it. ;0)

nan myers- thanks for your generous comments, glad you found the blog.

Carolyn said...

Simple is adorable! Love your post!

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