Tuesday, April 13, 2010

never give up

so, i was out checking out the scene in Santa Cruz a few weekends ago and stumbled upon this estate sale. i am talking the mother load of estate sales for the deep pocket types.

i can't quite explain in one post how amazing the estate was : from painting (up to $100,000), to tiffany opera glasses ($5000) to navajo blankets ($4000) and there must have been thousands of items and nothing had prices on them, so we had to ask about everything. Well, we quickly realized this wasn't really up our alley, but we continued to drool all over everything.

then, i noticed this box on the floor with old frames, news paper clippings and what appeared to be a lot of broken things. I asked the guy what was in there and what the prices were and he said everything in there was junk and around $5.00 each. now he was talking my language.

well, this original pencil and water color piece was sitting there with my name all over it. it is the perfect size 9x13", color and subject. AND it has the newspaper clipping taped to the back with a photo of the artist, brenda grummer. Hers was one of 15 pieces chosen out of 760 for a Midwestern, 16 state graphics exhibition.

the title of this 1970 little gem is "two together". charm, charm and more charm all the way home. i haven't really been into the whole owl trend of recent years, but i will reconsider for this one.

so, the moral of the story is to never give up....keep diggin, keep looking and don't run away from those big, scary $$$. there just might be a junk box nearby.


Laura said...

cute, cute, cute! I love your fiesty attitude!

Ivy Lane said...

or...a treasure box for that matter! Great find!

brock street said...

such a find.
So, our offer on the house is going in today at noon. nerves are exposed, but also trust if it is the right time it will happen, if not...then we will let it go.

24 Corners said...

That is a treasure, it's wonderful! Would be fun to see all that kind of loot, even if it's out of reach.

Best wishes for today!

Ivy Lane said...

still HANGING....... candles still burning...toes and fingers still crossed.....???? :)

brock street said...

your so sweet to remember. well, i think we actually won't hear until friday.
the plot thickens

John Taylor said...

The painting is great! If you purchased that somewhere that is a bit expensive i think. But it is good that you dig it and there you had saved some money.
John Taylor
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