Wednesday, April 28, 2010

is this for real

i do love the chairs and i do love the floors AND how can i not comment on the amazing bright light coming through that over sized bathroom window.

then there is the great sink with the perfect little mirror perched high above the sink, it is all so good, but then i wonder if it is just for the hippie family who chats while they bathe? everyone come on in, grab a seat and lets talk family vacation.

whatever the case may be, i think this room oozes with fun and brightness. it would be a great way to start the day...all the light and space.

photo found at homes & gardens


red ticking said...

i just adore it all... crisp white and blue... the curtain, sunshine, sink, teeny tiny mirror and that floor??? are you kidding me????? thanks friend i needed this hit today. xoxo

Laura said...

I do LOVE this room but the mirror made me laugh out loud - it must have been hung for my daddy (southern for father) who was 6 ft 7 inches tall! I would have to jump to look in the mirror - LOL!

Ivy Lane said...

mmmm... love the light, sink, floors... has to wonder what is opposite the 2 chairs.....???? (giggling as i write)

brock street said...

me too...giggling all evening with this one.
i just wish my bathroom were this size. maybe i would put a loveseat and fireplace, just to top it off.

Ivy Lane said...

now your talkin'!

Ivy Lane said...

now your talkin'!