Sunday, April 25, 2010

blossom me idaho

idaho was in full spring bloom. the drive to my mom's ranch winds you through the orchards and vineyards of south western idaho, 23 miles west of boise.

it is always breathtaking, but the older i get the more i tend to take notice of mother earth's beauty. these are blossoming apples, pears and i think peaches.


coast said...

Beautiful! I'm a country girl at heart.

24 Corners said...

So pretty! Hope you had a wonderful wedding weekend!

btw - Check out "A Country Farmhhouse", her last post was on the fruit tree orchards right next to their property...really special place.

Ivy Lane said...

I am glad you got some time to stop and "smell the blossoms"! Hope your Mom's wedding weekend was awesome!

brock street said...

the wedding was a blast and so memorable. they are so in love and are both very young at heart.

idaho is so beautiful, just don't think i could ever move back.

24 corners thanks for the tip on "a country farmhouse" so great.