Saturday, October 10, 2009

its never happens...

but i still have hope. every week slooooooowly creeps by, and then suddenly its the weekend and it has already disappeared.

i ALWAYS tell myself "i'm going to take a nap this weekend", then i remind myself that it is saturday afternoon at 3:30 and i still haven't taken my nap. So i repeat the same senario on sunday and then i end up telling myself that same phrase i have been repeating for years "i'm really going to take a nap NEXT weekend, i really need one", and so life goes on.

this great little room is really causing me to second guess taking a nap at 3:30.


Anonymous said...

I want to take a nap too! Love the little room.

Apron of the Month Club said...

Hi, very nice room and I can see why you're tempted to nap there. I have to admit that I took a nap this afternoon. I'm a single mother of 2 teen kids. I work full-time and I also own an online boutique. I was just told that my company is relocating my job, so I haven't slept well all week. Today I had plans of sewing some custom aprons, but God had different plans. I went to my cozy bedroom and took a much needed nap. I feel much better now.

Don't worry about making time for a nap. Listen to God's whisper and he will tell you when it is time.

~ Yoli ~

brock street said...

hi yoli!
your right...i won't worry about taking a nap. god did give me that whisper and i actually took a nap yesterday. i think it was the first since vacation last febuary.
we can't worry about tomorrow, but rather called to enjoy each moment. here's to your future and success.

Luna said...

Great blog! Happy to become a follower. Love the little nap room...naps are fabulous!

xoxo, Sue

coast said...

Oh how I love this room! So beautiful and serene with just a splash of color!!! Love it!!!