Tuesday, January 3, 2012

its a wrap

in more ways than one. shwew....we made it through another year and hopes are high for 2012. lots and lots of hope.

so, when push comes to shove i always revert to my favorite wrap style. junk drawer. i always keep a stash of new york times fashion section on hand, as you know twine is a staple in my home (i use it on everything and for everything), greens are also an easy way to spruce things up (no pun intended) and the copper gardening tags have been in my junk drawers for over 20 years. in my opinion, the best labels ever.

hodge podge you may say...true, but surely wrapped with love...i think that is all that really matters.


Ivy Lane said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! Great idea... the NYT fashion section as wrapping paper... love it!

Hopes are high on this end too!

Bee & Mason said...

I love it, this is what my presents I get from my husband look like all wrapped up. It brings a smile to my lips all on their own. Sometimes I just don't want to open them.

Laura said...

simply divine!

24 Corners said...

Best bit of Christmas hodge-podge there ever was...very clever!
Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing first real weekend of the New Year...
xo J~