Thursday, December 22, 2011

forty, 40, forte....

someone in the household celebrated one of those milestone b-days.... and with it came some crafty gift idea's. one of those milestones you want to mark with memories, laced with a bit of sentiment.

so, we have a "family" friend in seattle who is one of those mind blowing talents. she is an apparel designer, hand bag designer, singer song writer (with several albumns), she is a painter. basically....she is a gift from the heavens.

every year, dawn smithson, sends a hand painted christmas card. a highlight of the season. when i was pulling out the christmas garb this year, and i uncovered her painting from 2010 and when i saw it a birthday idea sparked right out of my head....a dawn smithson commissioned painting of b-mo. i couldn't imagine a better b-day gift for loopy. then when it arrived at work earlier this week....i almost dropped a few tears on my desk. so touching..the soul and spirit of this little stinker couldn't have been captured better. thank you dawn.

so, i have included last years painting of the tree with the mystic own at the top and of course the b-day painting of b-mo.

if you would like a commissioned piece of work by dawn...please let me know and i will be happy to connect you.


A Perfect Gray said...

wow. such a wonderful image - I thought it was a photo at first. she got those eyes exactly right, didn't she.

coast said...

Wow! I love it! Such a special piece! I would love to commission her to capture my two boys, morgan and nelson. I would love info!

Laura said...

What a blessing! Perfectly b-mo! The best gift ever, loops!

24 Corners said...

Oh my stars...Dawn truly did capture B-mo's expressive eyes and special spirit...such talent, and such a sweet and thoughtful gift! I wonder if the little guy knows he's been immortalized in such an amazing way? I bet he does.
Happy Birthday wishes to Loopy...and Merry Christmas wishes as well to all..,many, many blessings in the New Year!!!
xoxo J~

Ivy Lane said...

Both images are beautiful. How wonderful to have such treasures. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours...


brock street said...

hi donna,
i know..i thought the same when i first looked at much like the photo and you are right about the eyes. done and done.

yes...i will get you her contact info soon.

total blessing to have this. will always be cherished.

i talented. so lucky to have this. you know what is funny, i showed this to the mo and no kidding...i swear it stared right at it and smiled. yes, seal of approval i do believe. these darn smart dogs.
happy new year to you and may your blessings be abundant for you and yours.

you have been on my heart and mind. i hope this season was filled with peace for you and yours. i know your fathers spirit was with you and celebrating family.
happy new year to you and yours....a prosperous and year full of blessing and hope.