Wednesday, July 27, 2011

breaking bread

this photo grabbed me at hello. ha, ha. really though, this feel and style is so approachable and so welcoming i want to recreate the emotion of this in my own world.

it totally feels lived in, loved, moderately eclectic with a thoughtful filter. i feel like i have started me weekend already with the ease this image is providing. the wooden spoons, the stacks of dishes, the etching, the simple line of the shelf, the bread...hey, where is the wine?

happy hump day. the work week is officially closer to an end than this morning. :) i'm totally tickled.

photo found on bam bam tumbler.


coast said... the simplicity. Pure perfection.

pencils printed said...

Your arrangement is superb and I am too much lazy to arrange plats as well as kitchen stuffs, but your blog is inspired me and thanks for sharing a great idea.

Dennice {Fringe} said...

I've never met a loaf of fresh bread I didn't like. ;)

This photo is In other words, it's the epitome of style.


Laura said...

simply divine - I'll be right over with some homemade blackberry jam that I just received from a friend in North Carolina....

red ticking said...

dennice said it all... loafs and you... xoxo

24 Corners said...

'Loaf's and you'...that's kinda funny.
Love this image and the kind of weekend it conjures up (and the food you could conjure up in it).
xo J~

a m o u r e t t e said...

beautiful. just discovered your blog today and It wonderful!

brock street said...

coast - me too. we can do this.

pencils printed...i wish it were my arrangement, but an inspirational photo..or should i say aspirational.

dennice - ditto..never met that loaf eather. lets break bread soon.

laura- when you coming back and bringing over the jam?

red ticking...come on down.

megan- give me a few more days...i will get in touch.

24 corners - i know..i can think of a bazillion bread options. hmmmmmm, where to start.

amourette -thank you for your kind words. that is encouraging and keeps me going.