Friday, July 8, 2011

reality check

well....all i have to say is that last weekend was not as productive as i had planned. BUT, no complaints either as we really needed to enjoy hillside for what it is today and not get so wrapped up in what the potential is. it is good to take it all in and live a bit.

lots of walks, friend drop-ins, fresh local food, and plenty of sun to nourish the spirit. oh, and no alarms or early morning worry that the contractor is going to be there before i'm out of bed.

photo: reality of the current project pace. always moving things to protect them. then i finish the little project and put everything back until the next weekend. ha, ha, ha. one would think i would learn and just leave it all hidden away until completion...but that defeats my hearts in the moment as today is a gift.


Laura said...

Your treetop hillside retreat is a peaceful place to unwind.

Even though you have many plans for the future, it is refreshing that you are remembering to stop and enjoy the unfolding process.

Such an amazing place to gather memories.....

24 Corners said...

So funny, I thought you were going to post that you keep finding too many wonderful things for Hillside and your already going to have to start editing! Glad that's not the case because everything in the seems to fit so perfectly. And you must play with it all each time...that's the best part!
Glad you had the chance to enjoy your sanctuary...that's what it's there for, and what will keep your sanity in the long run! ;)
All truly looks amazing...
xo J~

A Perfect Gray said...

lovely shots. and like your sentiments about enjoying the 'now.' I need to remember that.

as always, enjoyed my visit, donna

kat said...

thanks for the special weekend, we enjoyed great company, a beautiful retreat, and of course...wonderful laughs!

brock street said...

laura- glad you can come along for the ride :)

24- hee, yes...playing with all the finds is the best part. lots of shuffling going down at hillside. we are really enjoying the "getaway" this summer. a much needed break.

donna- reading your comment just reminded me again. i need to be reminded constantly..maybe a tatoo in the middle of my forehead.

kat- it was the best. so glad you lovelies could take sometime out of your schedule. :)

Sara said...

great progress. I love that fern. is it a photo of some sort?

brock street said...

hi sara-

actually the fern is from a local artist and it is lazer cut. super fun.