Thursday, June 30, 2011

happy 4th

we are off to hillside for 4 days and boy do we have some projects. i really do hope to have some progress to show you....

these photo's were taken last weekend at carmel by the sea. we had a little anniversary get away and had the best time ever. great food, great wine, great weather, great beaches and wonderful views.

i had to thrown in last years bmo 4th shot too.


A Perfect Gray said...

best b-mo shot ever. do you often think there is an actual person behind those eyes? it sure looks like it.

happy productive (yet restful)
4th at hillside, my charming friend.


red ticking said...

b mo..... does he have any idea how cool he is?
(i think so but pretends not so)

love this post darling friend... i hope the chair and chest are on their way to hillside for a little r+r....
and... cheer.

happy 4th... wish i were there.

coast said...

Ah...Carmel. One of my favorite spots on earth! Did you bring b-mo? I love Carmel because my puggies can stay with us at the Cypress Inn. My dream is to one day have a little cottage there by the sea...a slice of heaven!

Happy Fourth! Can't wait to see more progress on hillside!

24 Corners said...

B-mo certainly knows how to dress for the occasion...he's adorable personified! Carmel is my most favorite city...that's where we spent family vacations and to a little girl it was fairytale heaven with all those cottages, now as an's still fairytale heaven!
So glad you had a wonderful you're all rested & ready for those projects!
Happy Fourth!!
xo J~

btw- The Cypress Inn is great, that's where we stayed pooches for us but there were many there, I'm sure B-mo would love it!

Sara said...

woof. happy fourth. nice shots.

Laura said...

love the photos - looks like you two had a blissful holiday...

Kavita said...

bmo's hat is too adorable. he's the coolest dog on the block.

brock street said...

donna- i know, i know. b-mo has captured oh, so many by his hauntingly human eyes. he looks through to the soul...ha, ha. but i agree as does everyone who meets him. it is really his ploy to get treats.

unfortunately the weekend was not productive, but shockingly relaxing and calm. just what the dr. ordered.

pam- bmo thinks he should be in the movies. this is true. i bet there is some money there :)

yes, the chest and chair have arrived. hillside will never be the same as that chest brings so much history, warmth and life to the bedroom. i also think it will anchor the house in an earthquake...that thing is HEAVY!! holy crap.

coast- love carmel too. i now want to own a little piece of that heaven one day. a bit sleepy, but in the good way. the beaches are insane too. my grandparents had a condo there when i was a kid and it all came back on the visit. what a treat to be so close. no b-mo though as we were out and about and we didnt want to leave him behind. he stayed with his dog walker and partied all weekend. when he got home he was wired and stinky. sign of a good weekend.

24- i think we should all pitch in our money and buy a little place we can share. i bet you know the good places to go too. it was pure magic.

sara- woof to you too. 4th was perfect. some friend stopped by for wine and snacks and brought their dog darcie. hope yours was delightful.

laura- thanks for the drop in. always good to have your friendly smile in the mix. you are the life of every event.

kavita- you have no idea. :)