Monday, June 20, 2011

......and breath

well, i had huge intentions of painting the bedroom this weekend...or at least getting started. didn't happen...i decided to kick back and breath a bit. instead there was a lot of puttering going on and a whole lot of nothing to memorable....except some delicious food consumption and early to bed and late to rise happening.

my "real" excuse was it was too hot to paint (hit 90 yesterday). so here is a photo of where it all went down...the food consumption.

hillside the tree's. (hillsides nickname is tree house and i think you can tell why from this photo). i know the image is dark, but if you click on it you can see the trees a bit better.

happy monday


Sara said...

i LOVE these two walls dark wood.. especially with that nice pale floor and the green trees so close to the windows..NATURE.. I'll probably love it painted too. A dilemma.

red ticking said...

i adore the tree house... restful indeed. xoxo

Nina said...

This is wonderful! It is coming along very nicely. Good job!

24 Corners said...

Love it!!! It looks like the perfect place to stay cool, relax, hang out, and enjoy the fruits of your copious amounts of labor. The table and chairs are so great too...again, perfect!
xo J~

Luna said...

I want to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at this's perfection!

brock street said...


i know...we struggle with the walls too. love the wood, but it gets so dark in there and we need bright. you never know...we seem to be stalling on alot and the painting of this room seems to be top staller.

ticking- rest away

nina- when you coming to check out the handiwork??

24- i couldnt agree more. perfect place to hang and stay cool. last weekend it was in the 90's and the cabin stayed nice and lucky. glad you like the table and chairs...more mix and match attack.

luna...i think you would like to play games there too. perfect place for cards.