Thursday, June 30, 2011

image & envy

or should i just say done & done. this little dining space has everything a guy could ask for: great lighting, endless effortlessness, no frill and seemingly affordable/approachable..oh, and that chalk board wall i always steer away from (i now find it charming...i am loosing it)

i am in the mood for less is more again. it must come with age and the wanting to simplify everything. so, i work in a creative industry and there is so much talk about product, trend, what is new and next and the must have of the is exhausting at times and i often find myself in a state of material desire. YUCK & YUCK.

some days i want to run for the hills and build furniture out of dirt, twigs, weeds and anything from the earth that mother earth no longer needs.

this is how i feel on this sunny and warm thursday morning, hopefully i will come out of this and find that balance.

image from little blue deer blog


mb said...

I get it. There are days when I pull away from the Kingdom of Thingdom just because I can't cope with it all.

mb from Dallas

brock street said...

mb...ha, ha, ha. totally into thingdom. i must use this strategically in a conversation...very soon.

24 Corners said...

That light fixture is way cool! The perfectness of this image would require no new additions other than people, food, and floral greenery...and b-mo of's settled, and that's a good's less 'is' more.
xo J~