Monday, June 13, 2011

t for two (twins that is)

i grew up sleeping on a twin bed and whenever i visited family and friends there always seemed to be a guest room with 2 twin beds. nostalgia takes over more often than not when i look at photo's of twins.

but, is it just me or have times changed? now everyone has a queen bed, king bed or anything but 2 twins. i guess "back in the day" we slept in separate beds just like lucy and desi. they did set the standard for the times. i guess it would be odd for a couple to sleep in seperate beds...but it could end up being a good night sleep :).

anyhow....i think this room evokes a restful and simple time and i would like to have a room just like it.

photo found on hemmahemma


coast said...

Love this image! It reminds me of when my brother and I slept over at Grandma and Grandpa Schei's house on the farm. We stayed in the two wood spindle twin beds that my dad and his sister slept in as kids in their rooms in the attic. Good times that I miss and will forever cherish. Thanks for the reminder. :) Brought me back to a very happy time with a wave of emotion I did not expect.

A Perfect Gray said...

nice. and I like the little unframed portrait on the wall. I'm a sucker for those.

I have a pair of twins. They're making a come back...


Jenny S. said...

I agree! We have twins at the cottage. They came with the cottage and we decided to keep them because they work so well in the little room we have. My husband and I call them our Lucy and Ricky beds. We are close enough to hold hands across the aisle, but we both sleep better there than at home! Thanks for the lovely picture.

Lila Fox said...

i just love twin bed guest rooms. several weeks ago we bought twin beds for one of guest rooms. they're so great, and nostalgic, and comfy. people smile when they walk into a twin bed guest room (or is it just me?). who doesn't love their very own bed? love it, great post!


brock street said...

me too (except the attic part). twin beds ALWAYS bring some sort of memory along for me.

of course you do. i imagine that room is photo worthy too. i'm thinking a tent with 2 cot's is going to have to do for now.

jenny s,
that is so great...especially since they came with your cottage. extra special room in my imagination. can you imagine the memories and stories created in that room :)

it is not just you...i smile too, but i have to say it has been a while since i have been in a home with twins. i can tell you...i love my own bed :)

Laura said...

Oh, my! Such memories - relatives all had at least ONE room with twin beds....even my family!

It is great because you never know who is going to visit....

24 Corners said...

Love this room...the light fixture is very cool, actualy, everything is very cool...and so Hillside.
Twin's would be fun but it would be a bit difficult to do the 'roll over-your snoring' thing in a twin...just sayin!
xo J~

Luna said...

My Grandma had twin beds in her little one bedroom apartment when I was growing up. I remember staying with her and it was always like a slumber party because we would lay in the twin beds and talk and giggle forever. I miss her so much, your photo of the twins brought back such a nostalgia. xoxo

Suzanne Cranston said...

Too true. Love the image...
My 3 children wine a bit that they each have twin beds...but their bedrooms are small and I like the coziness of the beds. I know, it'll be hard when the my boys reach their peak height in Highschool...any day now. They can have the biggest bed they want when they get married. :)

A Perfect Gray said...

purposely not commenting on the give-away post, mr. street, because I have been so magically lucky of recent, and won so many wonderful give-aways (including one from our friend, red ticking) that I want some other lucky reader to have the same good fortune. So, after days of clicking over to you, I am commenting on an older post in order to tell you that you are just as generous and kind as we always suspected! all my best, donna

brock street said...

laura- how times have changed. bring back the twins/

24- i know...i really like the light too. there is just something about this room that feels homey and perfectly edited & tidy.
yeah, i think you would have to get some kind of stick to poke the snoring beast. :)

luna's mom- so sweet. i bet you had the best stories to share. back when life seemed a bit more simple. this image pulled at my hearts strings too....we are old softies.

suzanne - ha, ha, ha. i love your philosophy. they can do whatever they want when the get out of the house. hopefully they will have an appreciation for space when they get older. i think my college dorm room bed was a 3/4 twin....after that i never looked back.

don't be silly. you are messing with fate here. this is your lucky year and you just never know. you are beloved by many. come on...make a comment...if in fact you like it.

red ticking said...

ohhhh... love twin beds... my grams home had the "ultimate" twin bed and everytime i slept in it i felt so safe, warm and loved. xoxo