Monday, February 14, 2011

true love

need i say more. valentines never meant so much when pets weren't around. i remember making valentines for our dogs growing up, and the horses, and the ducks....and you get the point.

b-mo wishes you a day full of caring thoughts and something with sprinkles on it.


I Dream Of said...

Ah, I heart B-Mo!!! Hope you both have a sweet day!

24 Corners said...

Thank you sweet B-mo (look at that face!)..sprinkles are the best, and so are you!
Wishing you and your big hearted humans a lovely, treat filled day!!
xo J~

(Love that you made Valentines for your pets B...what a 'sweet-heart'!)

A Perfect Gray said...

happiest to you and B-Mo!


Hood Canal Gal said...

Happy day to you and your sweet pooch!
He's too adorable!

Luna said...

Could there be a cuter face? Happy Valentine's day to Mr. B-Mo. My pets are definitely my true loves. Harriett sends her sweetest valentine whiskers to you...xoxo (Miss Luna started her own blog, you and B-Mo will have to check it out:

brock street said...

what a day. donuts, cookies, sprinkles and b-mo waiting for me when i got home.
now to figure out what to have for dinner.
happy valenties day blog buddies.

luna- bmo loves your blog and is now an official follower..through brockstreet for now as he does not have his own email yet.

Luna said...

Hi Michael...Luna is so excited to have you as a follower! I just realized that you may not realize it's me...Sue Heaps!! I changed my profile to sign as Luna...confusing. Anyhoo...keep checking Luna's blog - I'm sure Harriett (aka Hairy Butt) will have a blog spotlight soon :) xoxo

brock street said...

omg sue-
i was just getting ready to fb you and tell you about this "luna" as i felt you would have so much in common with these lovely peeps.
too funny...
miss you and love you for taking in all these wonderful beings...bmo needs a new roommate.

Laura said...

Look at that face! What a doll!