Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 dry

2 months, too dry. we have had the driest winter on the books here in sf and the sonoma valley has been no different.

same time last year our property was covered in lush ferns..this year i had to go out and buy some green. planting in 65 degree weather in january is really messing everything up...tricking us to believe it is spring. not going to complain though...we have had some amazing winter walks...bird watching...gazing.

i found this cement urn at local antique mall, the price was good i am embarrassed to admit. but it is priceless to me and makes for a good before and after.

UPDATE: it rained this weekend...woohoo.


A Perfect Gray said...

we're getting all your rain here on the east coast. my spirits need a lift with just a little sunshine. trade ya' - just for a few hours?

love your urn. old, chippy statuary and containers are my very weakness. Inside and outside.

brock street said...

hi donna,
come on out..but you have to stay more than a few hours. lets make a date.
i love the old urns too, but they sure are hard to find out west.
have a great week.