Thursday, October 6, 2011

where to start

i am in the midst of old fashioned exhaustion and you have no idea how much images like this speak to me. i have been browsing images for a half hour and the only thing singing to me are the images with beds and what seem to be cozy and kind linens. ha, ha! actually, the images with beds and little puppies on the beds send me to the moon and back.

this room is one of those rooms that immediately transports you to another place and almost another time. those tiles on the wall are art in its purest form and i think i will stare at them for a long time.


Laura said...

This beautiful blue and white is so very clean and restful that (yawn!)...I feel a bit sleepy myself!

A Perfect Gray said...

welcome home. now hop in the bed...donna

ARTPOP said...

"The goal in life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body.. But rather to slide in sideways.. totally worn out.. shouting: Holy molley.. What a ride."


brock street said...

laura- i hope you got a rest like no other last night :)

donna- good to be home, now i need to get back in the saddle.

johnie- love your perspective and i needed that reminder.

coast said...

i love it! what a lovely is just the thing to give me a lift on my ferry ride home in cold, grey seattle. :)

24 Corners said...

Welcome home B...and thank heavens you have your sweet 'little pup' B-mo to fulfill all of your puppies on bed wishes...I bet he was over the moon to see you!! Hope you had a fantastic trip and that you're resting up well this weekend.
xo J~

brock street said...

coast- believe it or not, i do miss those cold grey days every once in a while. glad the image could lift you out of it for a moment. :)

24- lets just say there was some snuggling going on and lots of gazing in eyes.