Monday, October 10, 2011

roughin it

these chairs are MUCH better in person. this image was taken with a phone, so the clarity is not what i wish you could see.

what i wouldn't give to find these at a flea market on my own and take pride in the find and hopefully competitive price.

this pair of twins has an amazing modern/mid-century/metal frame with a rough textured burlap cover. a very versatile pair too...i can imagine them in my home :), on the lawn in "out of africa", fancy camping, in a french country estate or a modern home in the vineyards of chile.

if you are in sag harbor, you must stop by bloom (she does not have website, you have to visit in person) and gaze at these beauties.

they were surprisingly comfortable too.


24 Corners said...

They actually do look comfy...hope the pair that's meant to be with you finds you soon!
Have a great week...that's an order. ;)
xo J~

brock street said...

hey 24 - you have a great week too. i wish i had the room and moulla for a great pair of chairs like this. just a dreamin.

red ticking said...

all things are possible mr brock... someday.. xo
hi 24... missin you friends...